eden's theory


We believe that beauty products can be made without harmful ingredients so we do.

We believe that everyone should be paid a fair price for their work so source our ingredients ethically.

We believe that green is cool so there is no brown paper bag in sight.

We believe that sleek packaging does not have to be damaging to the environment, so ours are recyclable.

We know that plants build up a defence to survive, so we source wildcrafted plants from harsh climates. The result, the most potent form of organic.

We believe that the best gift you can receive is attention so we handcraft our products in small quantities.

We believe that we are all unique, so we enhance our fragrances to work with your natural pheromones.


We believe that it is hard to look fresh when you are feeling stressed, so we want you to have a beauty concierge that you can trust.

Welcome to the garden of skin, where luxury is king, craftsmanship is key and good ethics are the norm.